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What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is like the more well-known THC to the cannabinoids and is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant. Especially in recent times, the Cannabidiol in Switzerland has become more and more popular. About 85 cannabinoids are known, of which the general public knows just 1.
CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means that you as a consumer do not feel any flash.
So you can consume CBD flowers without the psychoactive effects of cannabis containing THC. CBD are also said to have many beneficial effects.
You can learn more about the application areas on the Internet.

Am I punished if I consume CBD?

No. In Switzerland, hemp blossoms are subject to the tobacco law. Officially, hemp blossoms are a substitute for tobacco. However, the flowers must meet the requirements so that they are legal in Switzerland. The CBD flowers must not exceed the THC value of 1%. Everything that contains 1% THC is legal in Switzerland. However, there are no restrictions on the CBD value. Thereafter, the CBD flowers must be tested by an independent laboratory on the THC values and pollutants. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is responsible for the review.
So if you buy and consume CBD flowers in Switzerland, you do this absolutely legally.

What about THC?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is also an active ingredient of the cannabis plant. However, this is psychoactive and causes the so-called high in humans. THC is illegal in Switzerland. It falls under the Narcotics Act. However, a THC value of up to 1% is allowed in hemp blossoms. These are the so-called CBD flowers which have a higher CBD value than THC and contain under 1% THC. CBD varieties are specially bred to comply with Swiss laws.

Can I drive a car after i consume CBD?

Since CBD may contain hemp up to 1% THC, the Federal Office of Health has issued a directive stating that after the CBD consumption it is not recommended to drive a car. If there is a test, it may be possible that there is a positive result, despite the low THC content.

What is the difference between the CBD flowers and normal hemp blossoms?

The CBD flowers are now increasingly being grown indoors. So with artificial light in a clean room. The quality is very high. You don't see any difference to normal hemp blossoms. The CBD flowers have the same characteristics and also smell very authentic. You can imagine it like an alcohol-free beer. It also looks like normal only without alcohol and THC.


What is indoor and outdoor hemp?

These are the different cultivation methods. The cannabis plants which are grown "indoor" come to light in a darkened room. Without sunlight but with artificial exposure that can be precisely controlled, the hemp plant is influenced for an optimal harvest result. One controls so when the hemp plant enters the flower phase from the growth phase.
Outdoor is the opposite. Here the hemp plants are exposed to nature. The solar cycle decides here the transition of the phases. Outdoor plants are usually also larger than indoor plants.
Another method is the so-called "greenhouse" cultivation. Here, the hemp plants are grown in a greenhouse, greenhouse or glass house.
Taste differences vary from variety to variety. Outdoor hemp blossoms tend to have a slightly looser bloom and indoors a rather more compact.

Are all products at Mr. Hemp legal?

Yes. All products in our shop comply with Swiss laws. We sell exclusively laboratory tested CBD flowers. With us you are on the safe side.

Why are CBD flowers a substitute for tobacco?

CBD flowers were placed under the tobacco law in Switzerland. Thus, a CBD producer must also obtain a reverse number and thus confirm before the law that he abides by the applicable laws.
Also, any cigarette manufacturer such as Parisienne, Marlboro, Homeland etc. must have a lapel number. Since CBD flowers are subject to the tobacco law, the flowers must also be paid for tobacco tax.
By the way, you recognize legal CBD blossoms that on the packaging 1. The official notice of the warning that smoking is harmful, has been printed and 2. Either the reverse number of the manufacturer or alternatively the manufacturer itself is printed.

Why should I use CBD flowers as a substitute for my cigarettes?

As is known, cigarettes have very many additives. of toxins on fuel, etc. These pollutants are very damaging to our body. The much better variant has always been nature. CBD flowers are produced in Switzerland under strict guidelines. They are also tested by the foph for pollutants. The hemp for CBD is very clean. In addition, there are no additional substances that should be used in any way to keep the flowers moist or for better burning. Hemp is an absolute natural product and is definitely the healthier variant than the commercial tobacco.

Can I order if I am younger than 18 years old too?

This depends on the ordered items. Hemp food can be ordered safely under the age of 18. CBD products may not be sold under the age of 18. All articles that are from 18 years of age have a corresponding note on the article picture. Missing this notice can also be ordered under 18 years (Error reserved).
A date of birth must be specified when the order is completed.

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