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F A Q   H E M P   F O O D

Are hemp food legal?

Hemp foods are free of THC. They are special hemp plants that are bred in such a way that they conform to the Swiss standard. The cannabis crops are subject to more stringent controls than CBD flowers. For example, you may Not exceed the THC value of already 0.2%.

Our hemp food is certified organic and absolutely legal. It is also a very healthy food which has a long history behind it.

Why should I eat hemp?

Hemp was cultivated hundreds of years ago. Before you can eg. Cotton has been processed that most like dresses, sails, ropes etc. obtained from hemp. Until then the cheaper variant «Cotton» replaced the hemp.

It was the same with food from hemp. There used to be various foods enriched with hemp. eg. confectionery etc. hemp is very nutritious. The seeds are very rich in Omega3 fatty acids, have a high percentage of proteins with an ideal fatty acid spectrum and abundant minerals and high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids.

In today's time of alternative diet, hemp food is a true vegan superfood. In addition, all products are grown organically certified.

What do cannabis seeds have for a taste?

Cannabis seeds are botanically considered actually seeded Nuts (allergen free) with a firmer fruit rind.
They have a nutty flavor and are roasted a super salad addition etc.

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