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Extraction Options

Extraction possibilities - The production of CBD oils

Pure resin is produced by an extraction process with hemp. This means that pure resin is obtained from hemp plants, by separating the hemp plant materials. The resulting product is highly concentrated and is the most potent product that can be produced from cannabis.

There are various extraction options for the production of CBD oils. Here are three of the different methods listed and described.

WARNING! Dealing with gas can lead to damage to health, explosions and property damage. Not recommended!

Gas extraction

The probably simplest and fastest method of oil extraction is the gas extraction using a butane gases or ether. This extraction process requires a honey bee extractor.

First, the hemp must be reduced and the pipe filled with it. After that you only need a container to collect the oil, for example a baking tray.

Now you have to spray the butane gas from the lighter into the extractor over the casserole until it is empty. This gas then slowly drains over the hemp and, due to its very low boiling properties at room temperature, washes the resin from the hemp plant.

A little later, the oil mixture should drip from the container into the baking form.

The gas-oil mixture now only has to evaporate, but caution must be granted as this liquid is highly flammable.

To increase the evaporation speed, you can put the container into a warm water bath for about 20-30 minutes. Warning Explosion hazard!

To evaporate the whole gas the oil mixture needs about 1-2 hours.

Extraction with a solvent

With the help of the solvent, the THC/CBD is pulled out of the plant. For 30 grams of hemp you need about 500ml of the solvent. The most commonly used solvent is probably Naphtha (crude gasoline), but you can also use others.

It is important that the solvent is 100% pure. Naphtha is also known as light gasoline.

After washing the plant you can put it in a large plastic bucket and add the solvent. With the help of a wooden rod you can crush the blossoms and leaves. The important thing is that the entire plant-marten alien is covered with the solvent.

After the vegetable oil mixture is well crushed, pour the solvent-oil mixture into another container and leave the hemp back.

After that, you can wash the hemp again and pour more solvents over it and stir to loosen the THC/CBD. When you are done, pour the solvent-oil mixture into the other container and dispose of the hemp.

Now you have to filter the oil, you can do that with a coffee filter. Then the solvent must be boiled until only oil remains. A rice cooker is a good place to cook. Note, however, that the temperature never rises above 140 °c.

If there is still little of the solvent-oil mixture in the rice cooker, you have to add about 2 drops of water and wait until the remaining solvent is overcooked. Then let the water evaporate until the oil does not bubble.

Now you just have to pack your oil. With the help of a syringe, this works best. Note that you are bearing the oil in a dark and cool place.

Extraction with mixer

The extraction by means of a mixer works because the resin glands are heavier than water. For this method you have to put cannabis trim, ice and water in a blender. Ice is necessary for the resin glands to loosen more easily from the plant material.

When you mix, by the force of movement and the chiming of the plants, the alien with the ice, the resin glands are dissolved from the plant material and sink to the ground when the blender is turned off. Then the mixture is poured into a container by a sieve to filter it.

The water-resin gland mixture should then be set for about 30 minutes, so that the resin glands sit down on the ground. After that you have to drain about two thirds of the water and put the jar in the freezer. After 10 minutes, this mixture is then poured through a coffee filter to obtain the pure end product. Before you press it, you just have to let it dry.

* Author: Julia Steiner | Created: 18.09.2018 |

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