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CBD-Info active ingredients

CBD active ingredients

Mr. Hemp informs you about CBD & THC


About CBD (belongs like THC to the cannabinoids) is meanwhile much known and one often hear of it. Especially recently, the CBD (cannabidiol) has become increasingly popular in Switzerland. Approximately 85 cannabinoids are known, of which the general public knows just 1. The widely known active substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) belongs to the anesthetics in Switzerland and is forbidden. Therefore, in Switzerland and that for a few years, only flowers of the female hemp plant with a THC content below 1% are allowed. This is so little that you will not feel any effect from the THC. Again, they are free to sell and legal, as long as this value is not exceeded.

These flowers are tested and released by the Swiss Federal Office of Health during a harvest. They are then sold as tobacco products and subject to tobacco tax.

Back to the active ingredients ...

THC is, unlike CBD, a psychoactive cannabinoid. That is, That the consumer clearly feels this. Depending on the THC content stronger or weaker. It acts on the central nervous system causing a so-called high. This is then responsible for the consumer feeling a certain relaxation. Or for example. Colors or music. However, this can be different depending on the person. Some relax and others have the worst experience of their lives. It always depends on how the person reacts to it. You may imagine that you are taking a tablet for headaches, and it is effective for you and not for others.

Because we are at headaches.

The active ingredient CBD, on the other hand, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. That is, The consumer does not experience high. The CBD is nevertheless absorbed by the body. CBD and THC work together. For example, CBD delays the insertion point and duration caused by the THC High. In our body there are 2 receptors with which one knows that these can absorb the cannabinoids. These are, on the one hand, CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. The former is found in the brain and nervous system and the others are found mainly in the immune system. These receptors also take substances from, for example, Pepper or cocoa. By the way, hemp products can also be used for cooking. Such as. Spread a little hemp seed on your delicious salad and you have already refined your dish.


CBD is currently intensively researched worldwide. There are studies that are supposed to help the CBD against headaches, inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc. This is quite probable. Nevertheless, it is not a drug. So you can not promise anyone that when taking a relief or improvement. Everyone has to do this himself. Some say that it is a miracle to them, and they are mad. Others, on the other hand, have no effect. For our products you will find various strengths of the CBD salary. Try different products so you can see which one is best for you. I can only recommend you: Try it. It is important to remember that hemp is a naturally growing plant. It is used for food, clothing, cosmetics and natural medicine etc. This has been around for centuries. Even our ancestors knew what this plant could do. Actually, you can make from hemp what you want.

Just in the present time, where everything is only about plastic and materials which is very badly decomposed, you should perhaps look back and see that hemp could be a very good replacement against a part of our pollution. The industry makes a lot. There are very many hemp products. However, the end-users are still somewhat timid. However, this changes exactly in our time. More and more natural hemp products will benefit.

Try it, too. Return to nature.

As I said, it is not an official drug. Therefore, an effect can not be guaranteed.

Of course, we do not glorify any drug use here. We do not want that either. Our products revolve around the CBD in hemp. This can not be compared with the hemp available on the black market. And also has nothing to do with it. The Federal Office of Health also checks these CBD blooms for pollutants, which is why we refer our products only to tobacco manufacturers authorized in Switzerland whose products are subject to constant checks by the FOPH.

Here is a small selection from our extensive range:

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