Bamboo Bong with hemp leaf

Bamboo Bong with hemp leaf Promotion!

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This unique, black lacquered bamboo water pipe can be compared to a car exhaust pipe.


The bong has a durable bamboo body that ensures smooth, clean smoke, and comes with a hemp leaf logo on the front below the mouthpiece that visually enhances the bongs.


The strong and stable circular disc bottom gives stability, and the bong comes with a metal pipe and a metal head. The bong is decorated with thin metal bands around the base of the bamboo tube, which enhances the overall image and appeal of the bong.


The metal bottom and the metal shell, the mouthpiece ring, the rubber seal and the bottom are standardized bong parts, making this bong a must to enjoy it alone or with friends.

-Material: Bamboo/Metal
-Length: 35 cm/13,8".
-Straight pipe design
-Stable base
-Metal bowl
-Easy to use
-Rubber spout
-Metal bands around the base
-Logo: Hemp leaf