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Black Leaf Ronin und Geisha Icebong Set 40cm Promotion!

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Style Bong set of ' Black Leaf ' with exclusive ' Ronin & Geisha ' design made by Sly! Sly once again surpassed herself: The already expressive and stylish Japan motif with the stateless samurai, geisha, coicarks and rising sun is particularly emphasized and gives by the metallic print, which is even located on the bongbottom. The Kolbenbong a certain something that is difficult to put into words. Just hammer!

With all the enthusiasm about the look, however, one should not forget that the ' Ronin & Geisha ' bong is also a perfect smoking device with a very good pull off. And also otherwise meets all the criteria of a good, solid hookah. With a wall thickness of 7mm, it is very robust and is absolutely stable due to the piston shape. There is a reasonable amount of herbal space in the head with a roll stopper. The head is stuck in a diffuser adapter, which confuses the water vigorously. For further smoke cooling, the low-lying ice notches hold plenty of ice cubes.

The mouthpiece is mouth-flattering rounded and last but not least, this icebong has a kickhole-so important for many hard-edged, European bongists!

The new favourite bong of the product description department is complemented by a no less beautiful, four-piece aluminium grin with the geisha motif, diamond cut teeth and pollen chamber as well as the stylish ' Ronin & Geisha ' tray, which is not only for mixing Or building can be used. Last but not least, all parts of the set are securely packaged in a sturdy and appealing cardboard case with padding. So the ' Ronin & Geisha ' set is also a great gift idea, because you can really bring joy with it!

Material: Borosilicate glass
Colour: Cleklar/black.
Print: BL logo.
Motiv/Design: Ronin and Geisha, iridescent.
Height: 400mm.
Average: 130/50mm.
Cut: Ns 19bistabil/14 (18.8mm/14.5mm).
Wall thickness: 7mm.
Percolator: No.
Ice: Yes.
Kickloch: Yes.
Oil: No.
Accessories: Ronin and Geisha Grinder & Mixing.Tray
Info: Diffuser adapter L 135mm.