Original DragonBong Colored

Original DragonBong Colored

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High in the sky Cannaseurs finest glass bong.


A long time ago, a mythical, flying creature lived high in the clouds. The fantastic being became the symbol of the emperor. It is the sign of strength and happiness.


The highest level of craftsmanship and the finest craftsmanship of the glass blower in combination with tempered glass have created this fantastic design in perfect functionality.


The Absolute smoke indulgence!


The DragonBong won third place in the category "Glass/bongs" at the Amsterdam Hightimes Cannabis Cup 2010 and became known beyond the Borders.


The DragonBong is absolutely unique in design and offers a fine smoke indulgence through double filtration.

Smoke with the Dragon!

Every single piece is handmade.

Dimension approx.:
Height: 26 cm.
Length: 39cm.
Chillum Ø 14.5