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Hemp 4 U Orange Bud Indoor Promotion!

Producer: Hemp 4 U Maurer

Hemp 4 U Orange Bud Indoor 2 grams
2 grams
CHF 20.00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs
Hemp 4 U Orange Bud Indoor 6 grams
6 grams
CHF 50.00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs


Orange Bud Indoor CBD hemp blossoms are a tasty tobacco substitute with sweet tart flavor. The flowers grown in Switzerland are beautifully compact and made in the best growing quality.


The products are dried and fermented in a controlled manner in order to unfold the full flavor potential of the aroma. All flowers are harvested and cut by hand with a lot of love.


Best class instead of mass!


THC levels are in the legal range at around 0.4%. The CBD content is about 10%.


Our products are 100% made up of the best cannabis flowers, so there is no tobacco and therefore no nicotine. Best cannabis taste without a guilty conscience and without psychoactive or psychotropic effects!

Contents: 6g.
CBD: ~ 10% to 17%.
THC: < 1%.