Herba di Berna Harlequin Indoor 8gr

Herba di Berna Harlequin Indoor 8gr Promotion!

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Indoor CBD rich hemp flowers: Harlequin.


Because of the unique taste, we like to cultivate the Cannatonic plant. Now another preference from herba di Berna's side.


Harlequin was growed with 100% renewable energy!


Cannatonic is now one of our favourite strain. Not only the sweet, fruity aroma, but also the compact flowers leave no wish unfulfilled. Only such a strong trunk, which is typical of this genetics, carries such large flower heads. The citrus-mango taste intoxicates the senses when the pack is opened.


Herba di Berna was manufactured in Switzerland under the highest quality standards.


THC content of 0.75%.
CBD content: 14.5%.