Budz AK47 10g Small Buds

Budz AK47 10g Small Buds

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Budz Cannabis flower, with less than 1% THC, from controlled organic cultivation, which is grown without artificial fertilizer, without artificial pesticides and hormones.

Budz Cannabis blossoms are cultivated in Switzerland Indoor. The buds that are harvested are 100% Swiss-Made. Since the underlying hemp site produces extremely little THC (THC and its acids below 1%), no undesirable psychotropic effects are produced. Overall, the CBD is around 23%.

Since hemp contains no nicotine and the budz cannabis blossom also no extra nicotine is added, the product is 100% nicotine-free. The best taste of pure hemp blossoms offers the best pleasure with the Budz cannabis flowers without undesirable side effects.

The product is 100% natural and contains neither tobacco nor nicotine.

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Bon produit
You won't be disappointed soft smooth but had the kick you want

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