Pure Production "Freemind"

Pure Production "Freemind"

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Pure Production "Freemind"  4.5 Grams Freemind Greenhouse
4.5 Grams Freemind Greenhouse
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The bag Freemind includes the CBD flowers «Amnesia»

The CBD Greenhouse flower "Amnesia" is cultivated and reared under the best conditions. The plants are subject to strict controls and are approved by the Federal Office of Public Health.

This product is made up of the finest greenhouse flowers. One bag contains 1.3 or 4.5 or 21 grams. The THC share is less than 1%.

The product is 100% Swiss legal.



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ottimo prodotto per tutti i giorni, in sostituzione del tabacco. purtroppo troppo secco e molte foglie. ma buono da fumare. buon gusto
Für diesen Preis kann man besseres finden, aber schlecht fand ich dieses Produkt nicht.

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