Starbuds CBD oil 14% 10ml

Starbuds CBD oil 14% 10ml

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Starbuds Labs has selected Swiss Cheese Bio, the most suitable genetics for full spectrum CO2 extraction.

This extraction technique allows for optimal purity of the cannabinoid spectrum.


Starbuds Oil contains no heavy metals or pollutants. With a very low THC value (<1%) The effect is not psychoactive.


Delivered in a 10ml bottle fitted with a drip pipette.


Starbud's oil can promote relaxation.


Store in a cool, dry and light-protected place. After opening consume within 6 months.


1ml = 20 drops/1 ampoule = 10ml = 200 drops.
Bsp.: 2 drops at 14%/day = 14mg = 100 days of treatment.

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