Starbuds Luzern Pre-Rolled Joint 5 varieties

Starbuds Luzern Pre-Rolled Joint 5 varieties Promotion!

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The flowers of Starbuds-Luzern are produced exclusively hydroponic* and guarantee the development of the potency of the individual CBD Strains thanks to an optimal supply of nutrients. The plants grow larger and also produce more flowering approaches, as they are continuously supplied with nutrients. The taste is pure and more intense and the cultivation leads to more pleasant smoke. Free of pesticides and herbicides, without tobacco.

*hydroponic: is a form of plant farming in which the plants do not root in soil, but in irrigated support substrates (stone wool).

Raw material:

The various genetics are supervised and maintained by Starbuds-Luzern, from the mother plant to the finished rolled joint.


All joints are stuffed with the help of a vibrating ''fill device'' and turned by hand, with the use of this machine and the 98mm long Cones we guarantee that each joint is identical in filling quantity and optics.

Each joint contains at least 0.6 grams of pure CBD cannabis.

Different varieties:

Every single variety was selected by Starbuds-Luzern. With the aim of bringing the most diverse aromas and impressions that the enjoyment of cannabis brings with it, to bring the connoisseur closer.

The joints and flowers are welded in a tasteless packaging to ensure that the goods do not dry even after a long period of storage.

Pre-Rolled CBD joints without tobacco. 100% hemp.

Solid and scented flowers with fresh limes. The taste is earthy and tart with an intense citrus note. The CBD content is 18%.


1x Strawberry, 1x Charlottes Angel, 1x V1, 1x Lemon Tonic, 1x Harlequin