Paw Treats Agility 100gr

Paw Treats Agility 100gr

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Be the hero your dog trusts and offer him the best life possible in any situation, just as he would for you! The Agility + Single Pack is ideal if you have a small dog or want to convince yourself of the effect of Paw Treats.

Agility + targets a very common and very painful disease complex in dogs – arthritis. Arthritis is a very painful and degenerative disease, which is characterized by a degenerative and progressive deterioration of the joints. Scientific studies also suggest that not only are old dogs affected, but around 20% of all dogs are over a year old. The inflammation and cartilage damage associated with this disease leads to significant pain, reduced mobility, pronounced lameness and a dramatic deterioration in the quality of life of the affected dog. Our agility + snack contains a combination of different medicinal plants and other natural substances that supports dogs with arthritis in the best possible way.

Our special formulation helps the body reduce inflammation, promote cartilage regeneration and relieve pain. In particular, by relieving pain, intervening in the inflammatory process and slowing down the breakdown of the cartilage mass, a vicious circle typical of arthritis is broken. This shows you dirket in more agility and a greatly improved quality of life for your dog.

The composition of all the bioactive ingredients contained in the Paw-Treats Agility + Snack was developed by a team of veterinarians, pharmacologists and food technologists. All of our bioactive ingredients are carefully selected, professionally coordinated and scientifically sound.

Chondroite sulfate.
Incense resin powder.
Natural cannabidiol (CBD)-containing hemp extract from legal industrial hemp.
Turmeric root powder.
Methyl sulfonylmethane (MSM).
Rosemary extract.
Incense resin powder.
Flea seed shell powder.

Analytical components:

Raw protein 14.11%.
Raw fat 3.83%.
Raw fiber 3.30%.
Raw ash 7.86%.