Blaze Tower Ice Bong 2x8 Arm Perkolator Clear Sale!

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The ' Tower ' of our premium brand ' Blaze Glass ' is made of 7mm strong borosilicate glass. The cylindrical ice-bong also has it in itself: two 8--armed tree Perkolatoren provide the most powerful air and water turbulence, which cools the smoke pleasantly and at the same time filters out dirt and ash particles.


For even more cooling there is an ice Cube chamber.


The head for herbs has a nice large capacity and comes with adaptor to the Shillum (plug-in system). The pleasantly rounded mouthpiece and the sturdy, stable round leg make the ' tower ' the perfect smoke device.


Only the missing carb hole will lead to one or the other (rather European) for minimal point deduction. Luckily there are extra heads with integrated kick hole function.


Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: Clear
Print: Blaze Glass, Tower
Height: 560mm
Diameter: 65/50mm
Polish: NS 19/14 (18, 8mm/14, 5mm)
Wall thickness: 7mm
Perkolator: 2x 8-arm Tree Perkolator
Ice: Yes
Carb hole: No
Oil: No
Info: Diffusorschlitzadapter inside cut L 122mm

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