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Against the glacial crevasses in your skin


No, nothing to smoke! Intensive and rich skin care with Swiss hemp. For heavily stressed skin areas and swells. The hemp Chnübi cares for and protects your stressed skin. This is not a cream, but a chnübi (piece / block). Only by rubbing the precious Swiss ingredients are released.



The Hemp Chnübi is a fixed block. Take it out of the tin and rub it directly at the desired place. It is only through the friction and body heat that it releases its precious active ingredients to your skin.



Skin care with hemp sediment and hemp oil, mountain house root, beeswax, fir resin, edelweiss, gem fat, propolis, rapeseed oil, grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, rosemary, lemon myrtle, cajeput, peppermint and thyme. 100% natural, very fragrant, without artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes.



20 grams

To the manufacturer:


Puralpina has been hand-making herbal ointments in Frutigen in the beautiful Bernese Ober Land in Switzerland since 1992. Nature is their model and their source for the great products. Their raw materials are pure and renewable. Their oils and Alpine body care are 100% natural and free of paraffins (petroleum products), microplastics or palm oil.


The products are manufactured with solar power from our own photovoltaic system. In addition, the production supports people with disabilities.


More Switzerland is not possible!