Fenocan Fenomax CBD Seeds

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Fenocan Fenomax

Fenomax is a hybrid derived from fenomed. Like fenomed, Fenomax has been specially developed and bred for countries that allow THC levels of up to 1% according to the applicable hemp laws (e.g. Switzerland, Uruguay, Colombia).


Fenomax is ideally suited for extraction purposes as well as for flower production. In the matured and dried flowers of this strain, CBD concentrations of up to 24% have already been measured, while the THC content has never exceeded 1%.

-Genetics: Fenomax
-Cultivation: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
-Harvest Outdoor: Mid-October
-Flowering time Indoor: 7-8 weeks
-Yield Outdoor: up to 600 grams per plant
-Yield Indoor: approx. 40gr per plant
-THC: <0.7 - 0.9%
-CBD: ‑24%

Content 3 seeds