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JYM's Geenie CBD Seeds 3 seeds
3 seeds
CHF 24.00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs
JYM's Geenie CBD Seeds 10 seeds
10 seeds
CHF 60.00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs


The geenie is deliberately diverse and a must for any grower. Due to its phenotypes, this variety offers a large number of variations and tastes from citrus fruits to chemical-sweet. Also among the rather indicative variety are individual special sativa variations. This makes JYM's Geenie the right strain for selections. All phenotypes remain below 1% THC.

-AC/DC x JYM's Big Berry.
-THC: 0.41-0.7%.
-CBD: 8.4-14.7%.
-Flower phase: 8-10 weeks.
-Cannabis: Indica/Sativa.
-Phenotypes: 3-6.

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