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Kannabia Seeds Have grown beyond themselves with their new Strain of Rosé, not without Effort, she's the best Strain of Yours. She is proud Heiress of all the Benefits of the already mythical Swiss Dream CBD car with its low THC (under 0.6%) And high CBD (over 17%) Values, but with stronger Indica Influence, which is the Result of Working with Kush varieties.


One of Rosé 'S many Strengths is its incredible Stability. Good Evidence is that even after multiple And rigorous controls, not a single Plant had a THC value of over 0.5%.

Their great Homogeneity and Stability are joined by the wonderful and truly eye-catching crimson Hue (going slightly into the Pink, hence her Name) and the rather firm and attractive Type of flower, which is thicker and heavier than that of the Swiss Dream CBD.

Photo period: 18-20 hours.
Flowering Phase: 63-65 days.
Height: 60-90 cm.
Yield: 500 gr/m2.
Plantation period: March-October.
Height: 70-100 cm.
Yield: 200 gr/plant.
Seed type: CBD.
Species: Hybrids with Indicadomance.
CBD: 17%.
THC: 0.55%.
Ratio: 30:1.

Contents: 5 Seeds

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