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Merlin's Garden Botanical Dreams (WITHOUT CBD) e-liquids are nicotine-free liquids for e-cigarettes and are made from natural raw materials of the highest quality. They see hemp as a comprehensive crop in their entire spectrum. They not only process the flower or even CBD extracts. They perceive the entire plant with its unique spectrum and process the selected ingredients. In addition, they attach the highest importance to their plants and the taste raw materials from organic farming.

You can rely on the consistent, highest quality of the products worldwide – 365 days a year. Ongoing quality controls and the love of the living product ensure the consistent, natural taste.


52% propylene glycol (PG), 18% glycerin (VG), herbal extract, Lemon oil.

As a natural product, the liquids contain no nicotine, no artificial additives or flavors. Without animal testing. Genetic engineering-free. Vegan.

Taste / Aroma:

PURE CANNABIS MIX Liquids offer a taste base that promises pure cannabis without compromise. The absolutely naturally aromatic, typical taste of the cannabis plant with a slightly sweet finish has been processed here into a liquid with the highest steamer enjoyment.

Of course, the aroma comes without psychoactive effect (THC -0.2%).
Also suitable for most EU countries.

PURE CANNABIS MIX refreshes your senses and centers your mind. A slow-down made of genuine Swiss quality hemp from our own breeding and in-house cultivation to shut down, relax and switch off.

Safe handling of E Liquids:

Merlin's Garden E-Liquids are not intended for consumption. Use Merlin's Garden E-Liquids exclusively to fill your e-cigarettes or e-vaporizer sepers. Do not mix Merlin's Garden E-Liquids with other liquids.

Shake well before use. Keep inaccessible to children!

Tips for perfect steam fun:

With a lower evaporation temperature, you'll get more of the sweet taste of e-liquids. With a slightly higher setting, the taste becomes more tart and aromatic. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can vary yourself and optimally adjust your steam ingesty to your needs.