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With Dutch Formula, you can give your plants exactly what they need in the different stages of their growth.
Dutch Formula is a 3-piece fertilizer consisting of Micro, Grow and Bloom. The three components are the perfect 'power food' for sensational harvests of the highest quality. By combining them with these three fertilizers, the plant is offered all the necessary elements without the need to use expensive additional fertilizers. With the right application, excellent and extremely satisfactory results are achieved. You will quickly develop a sense of the combination in which the fertilizer has its best effect on your plant.

Dutch Formula is applicable on any substrate. The Grow, Bloom, and Micro components should always be used together. The component "Micro" has a dosage of 0.75ml/litre in the growth phase, 0.8ml/litre in the flowering phase and 1ml/litre in the final flowering phase.

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