Alfa Boost

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The ALL IN ONE plant aid for your CBD plant.

Increase your yield, support growth and protect the plant from disease.

-Increases the yield of your CBD plant, accelerates and supports growth. Alfa Boost strengthens, prevents disease, prevents salinity, reduces fertilizer consumption, optimizes nutrient absorption, improves soil and reduces stress.

-With the help of selected bacteria and fungal cultures, organic herbs are fermented over several weeks, so that their plant-active active ingredients are broken down.

Contains triacontanol, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, auxins, cytokiins, gibberellines, silica, salicylic acid, live bacterial and fungal cultures, as well as micro- and macronutrients in traces.

-The product contains no mineral, chemical or synthetic ingredients and is free of genetically modified organisms.

Raw materials:
photosynthesis bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, sugar cane molasses,
herbs, water.

-Manufactured and bottled in Austria. All raw materials are sourced from Austrian and German organic producers.

Alfa Boost is a natural plant aid that increases the fruit base and yield of the plant. Alfa Boost accelerates maturation, while increasing growth and flowering time. This leads to an increase in the total yield.

Seeds germinate faster and cuttings form roots faster. The plants develop quickly and reliably a well-developed root system, which makes them stronger and more vital. The susceptibility to diseases decreases because the plants are more resistant from the ground up.

Contains: Triacontanol (accelerates metabolism), enzymes (acting as
biocatalysts), vitamins (strengthen the defense), antioxidants (neutralize free radicals), silica (strengthens the cell walls), salicylic acid (helps with stress), auxine (have a general beneficial effect, especially on root formation), cytokiins (stimulate cell division), gibberelline (accelerate the germination process), abscisinic acid (regulates, among other things, stomatic transpiration), bacterial and fungal cultures (optimize nutrient absorption, prevent salinity, improve the soil, strengthen the defense), micro- and macronutrients in traces.