Cannabis Sativa Vodka 7dl 37.5%

Cannabis Sativa Vodka 7dl 37.5% Promotion!

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The Cannabis Sativa Vodka from Dutch Windmill Spirits BV is flavoured with hemp fibres and of course has no THC. So you don't get "high" from it.

Its origin, how could it be otherwise, lies in Amsterdam. The self-proclaimed hemp capital of Europe. Between the famous coffee shops and other entertainments of the Red Light District, the idea for vodka arose. This bears the unmistakable characteristics of the hemp plant, but does not exaggerate with the taste.

The manufacturers recommend serving the vodka cold or letting it flow into a cocktail.

-Alcohol content: 37.5%.
-Bottle capacity: 70cl.
-Country of origin: Netherlands.
-Region: Amsterdam.
-Filler: Dutch Windmill Spirits BV.
-Brand: Cannabis Sativa.
-Type: Aromatized vodka.
-Details: flavoured with hemp fibres of the variety Cannabis sativa (without THC).

Application: Pure (well chilled) or for various drinks and cocktails.

Taste characteristics: Spicy and slightly dry, along with the unmistakable aroma of the cannabis plant.