Dead Mans Fingers Hemp Rum 37.5 Vol% 7dl

Dead Mans Fingers Hemp Rum 37.5 Vol% 7dl Promotion!

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The base for Dead Man's Fingers is distilled and matured in the Caribbean. It is said that the countries of origin could be Trinidad and Barbados and eventually enriched with different flavours in the UK. Among them are orange peel, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg.

What distinguishes Hemp Rum, however, are the contained hemp and CBD (cannabidiol). There is an unmistakably grassy tart aroma with tones of cola, coffee, hops and pine cones. Hemp Rum was launched in 2019, supported by a multi-million dollar marketing campaign. The colour scheme on the bottle alone indicates that this rum is an unconventional way to go.

The Dead Man's Fingers Hemp Rum can be combined with Ginger Ale, Cola, Basil Tonic and many other blenders. By the way, the name has nothing to do with pirates or anything like that, but with the gills of the crab, which should not be eaten under any circumstances. They are called "Dead Man's Fingers" because they look finger-like and taste quite shy.


And since crabs are the body dish of the customers of rum and crab shack, it all makes sense.

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Geschmacksache, da jeder Mensch einen anderen Geschmack hat. Also ich finde den rum übelst hässlich. Sogar grausam zu trinken

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