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Hemp protein is not only a pure vegetable, protein-rich food, but also provides the body with important minerals, trace elements, vital substances and fiber. In addition, it has an ideal fatty acid situation and a perfect amino acid profile and is therefore easily usable by the body and easily digestible. If you are looking for a good diet and a healthy body value, you should include hemp protein in its dietary habits.

Hemp protein, also known as hemp protein, is a high-quality protein powder with over 40 percent protein content, which is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant.

The hemp protein powder is gluten- and lactose-free, as well as easily digestible and rich in valuable nutrients, omega-fats, minerals and fiber. In addition, it has an optimal amino acid profile and an ideal fatty acid pattern.

The high mineral and vitamins content makes it the healthiest and most nutritious protein powder on the market.

Hemp protein is so nutritious that a person could live on a monthly basis, without the danger of nutrient deficiency, only of hemp protein nourish. Hanfeiweiß can be eaten directly in the form of hemp seeds or processed as hemp protein powder in delicious drinks such as shake, juice, smoothie, tea or also for baking.

What exactly makes hemp protein so special?

Compared to animal protein such as meat and fish or other vegetable protein products such as soy and tofu, Hanfeiweiß offers numerous exclusive benefits. Many criteria make hemp protein so special and include the following:

Unique amino acid profile
High biological value
Optimal fatty acid pattern
Without digestion-inhibiting trypsin inhibitors or oligosaccharides
Micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements
Good source of fiber

We would like to introduce the individual points here:

The unique amino acid profile of hemp protein

Amino acids are organic compounds, which are also found as building blocks for proteins in the human body. The complete amino acid profile of hemp protein is mixed exactly in the right proportion and is present in sufficient quantity. All essential amino acids, which the human body needs, but which can not be produced by itself but must be absorbed through the food, are found in the hemp protein. In addition, valuable amino acids, which are necessary for the muscle construction and the tissue repair are available. The amino acid L-arginine can also be found in hemp protein. This supports the human circulatory system by positively influencing the blood pressure. This fact also leads to the fact that L-arginine is also said to have a particularly potent enhancing effect.

The high biological value of hemp protein

The biological value refers to the efficiency with which a food protein can be absorbed by the body and converted into a body-specific protein. The composition of the essential amino acids is crucial. The more similar the food protein and the body protein are, the easier it can be processed. Hemp protein provides as a plant protein supplier a unique high biological value due to its amino acid composition. It is therefore very similar to the body-specific protein. The ideal protein form is particularly important, because the protein is composed of two types of proteins:

65 percent from Globulin Edestin and 35 percent from Albumin


Albumin is a high-quality protein, which is very similar to the egg white of a chicken egg. In contrast, however, it offers the huge advantage that it is of plant origin. The chemical properties of albumin are water solubility and a high sulfur content, and it is particularly easy to digest for the human body.


Globulins account for about 40 percent of all proteins in the human body. In the blood plasma, globulins take over many tasks, for example as transporter protein, as supplier of energy or as pH-regulators as enzymes. In the immune system of the body, its main task as an antibody is to prevent the penetration of foreign bodies of all kinds.

Due to the high similarity between hemp protein and the human protein, it can be used particularly well by the body. This can absorb it without generating wastes that would strain organs such as kidney or liver.

The optimal fatty acid pattern of hemp protein

The optimal fatty acid pattern is the composition of essential fatty acids. Approximately 10 percent of hemp oil can be found in the yeast protein. This is characterized by its essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In particular, the tri-unsaturated linolenic acid and the dibasic linoleic acid, which are regarded as essential nutrients, are essential to the body

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