CBD Hemp Tea in capsules

CBD Hemp Tea in capsules

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Each capsule contains 1 g of high-quality, CBD-rich, dried hemp blossoms (cannabis, Switzerland). The variety used is grown in Switzerland (Ticino) by indigenous farmers with cuttings from self-bred, genetically identical mother plants in greenhouses. That is why the THC and CBD values are particularly stable. In order to guarantee that the plants are free of any pollutants, the cultivation is controlled and 100% without pesticide use. The plants are harvested manually and the flowers are cut and selected by hand. In order to ensure a better filling in the capsules, the flowers are ground. The active ingredients are thus extracted optimally so that the aroma in the coffee capsule machine fully unfolds.

The CBD and THC content of the capsule has been tested in the laboratory.


The ground hemp blossoms are packaged under protective atmosphere in transparent single-portion capsules made of high-quality polypropylene plastic. Polypropylene consists exclusively of carbon and hydrogen, is harmless to destruction, temperature-resistant and contains no residues or pollutants. The capsules are ideal for tea making in Nespresso ® * compatible machines.


Each FSC-Certified pack contains 5 capsules of 1 g each (= 5 g).


With the product we also want to offer non-smokers the opportunity to enjoy the relaxing effect of CBD-rich, natural hemp plants. The flowers wrapped here are CBD-rich and THC-poor. The product has thus lost its psychoactive, but not its soothing and relaxing effect. The current legislation should not be used to advertise the effects of CBD. The fact is, however, that cannabis has been used as a medicinal plant for more than 2000 years.


This product may only be sold and consumed in Switzerland, it is not intended for export. Due to different legislation, the product is subject to the narcotics act in other countries.


* This brand belongs to third parties. No reference to the company Nespresso®.