Hemp for nibble Salt and Herbs

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Salt & herbs (salty hemp seeds refined with herbs)
Roasted grains of edible hemp in different flavors.

The full-bodied nib passes, which does not make fat. To nibble in the breaks, on TV or simply in funny round.
With its essential ingredients, Speisefeed supports the healthy metabolism of all cells and strengthens the body's defenses. Therefore, edible hemp belongs to the daily food for the vitality and well-being of every human being.

Ingredients: Hemp seed * roasted, stone salt, herbs * (sea salt, carrots *, celery *, leek *, parsley *, celery leaves *, thyme *, basil *, Liebstöckel *, Dill *, bean cabbage *) * = from controlled organic cultivation

Average Nutritional values per 100g:
Energiewert: 471 Kcal / 1979 KJ
Protein: 21.5g
Carbohydrates: 24.0 g
Fat: 30.6g

Contains: 100g