Weed Chili++ salt in glass 100gr

Weed Chili++ salt in glass 100gr Sale!

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The Cannama Chili + + Weed Salt is a very spicy spice preparation with ground hemp.

Use it for marinades or for seasoning salads, meat, vegetarian dishes and generally for seasoning. You definitely impress your friends with it.

The basis is an excellent rock salt, which is only mixed with ground hemp leaves and Swiss hemp blossoms.

Application tips:

The food is best prepared with little salt and is only perfumed at the end with the Cannama salt. Simply add the spice to the dish just before serving, so that the wonderful aroma can unfold.


Rock salt (65% EU), Chili, hemp leaves, Swiss hemp blossoms.


In 100 grams of glass or in the 200 grams refill pack.