Bulldog Clipper metal with Box

Bulldog Clipper metal with Box

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The popular brand from Amsterdam "The Bulldog" is high-quality and absolutely stylish.

It is also durable due to the materials used and thanks to the stylish Clipper cases it is a great gift for yourself or your friends.

The Cult lighter worldwide! And why?

The removable pin, which is actually used to replace the fire Feuerstein, is among connoisseurs the stuffing tool for self-turned "cigarettes". In England, the scene also calls it "Pokey" (from English "to poke" = stuff).

Certified according to ISO 9994

parental control according to En 13869

fracture and fire resistant nylon body self regulating flame with a maximum height of 50 mm

isobutane gas in its purest form odorless and constant burning

flame up to 3,000 ignitions, gas and Flint Refillable