CTIP Activated Charcoal Filters Promotion!

CTIP Activated Charcoal Filters 25 pieces
25 pieces
CHF 4.50
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CTIP Activated Charcoal Filters 500 pieces
500 pieces
CHF 125.00
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+ shipping costs


CTIP's activated carbon filters are unique because they are the first activated carbon filters to be conically shaped.


On the narrower side the filter is 6mm and at the other end 7mm wide.


In addition, this special shape also ensures a mild air flow.


The patented CTIP filters are manufactured under strict conditions and consist of a thin and also recyclable aluminium housing containing activated carbon. Thus, the filters do not become soft and unstable when the joint has become moist.


The surface of the activated carbon has a special microstructure that filters out unwanted by-products from the smoke without removing the desired active ingredients.


So you can enjoy the pure, unadulterated aroma of CBD.


To ensure that the activated carbon filters always provide an optimal result, we recommend storage at room temperature and dry environment.