Weedo NiRo Mahogany Grinder

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Winners of the CannAward 2019 at the Cannatrade

The grinder is at the heart of any cannabis gear; The central object of any well-stocked joint box. It is more than a tool, because with it begins the journey to joy and relaxation.

This love and appreciation towards our daily companion is the motivation behind our "weedo NiRo" grinder. Because our goal is the perfect harmony between functionality and design with love down to the last detail.

The corpus of the 300 gram Grinder is made of 100% stainless steel. The innovative cutting plant hacks flowers of every class of quality within a few spins. In addition, stainless steel is much more sustainable than plastic, aluminium or coatings and much more resistant to material abrasion.

A hand-cut and oiled mahogany plate is embedded in the grinder's head, giving the weedo NiRo an incomparably classy look and a wonderful feel. Those who hold this piece of jewellery in their hands can feel the love and effort that is in it.

Another highlight is the included brush with nylon hair in the lower compartment, which also gathers the smallest grain of dust from the rounded corners. Because the shiny brush with engraved weedo logo is the perfect tool for cleaning the cutting and the sieve. And some will be surprised at how much valuable pollen dust this little helper can still get out of the grinder.


The weedo NiRo can be easily cleaned with alcohol and a microfibre cloth and must not be placed in the dishwasher for the wood for love.

Material: Stainless steel & mahogany.
Dimensions: 59 x 40 mm.
Weight: 300 grams.
Innovative cutting system.
Including pollen brush with weedo lettering.
With certificate of authenticity & serial number.