DaVinci IQ 2

DaVinci IQ 2 Black
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DaVinci IQ 2 Grey
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DaVinci IQ 2 Blue
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DaVinci IQ 2 Violet
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DaVinci IQ 2

The DaVinci IQ is not only a feast for the eyes, but also hides many new exciting features in its elegant anodized aluminum casing. It is an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly vaporizer that produces pleasant, aromatic steam.

Replaceable 18650 battery:


Many modern portable vaporizers have a built-in (and not user-replaceable) battery, but the IQ is replaced by a single ( and rechargeable) 18650 battery powered, which can be easily replaced by a full. A fully charged battery has a running time of up to 1.5. Charging the battery lasts three hours.

Taste & Cool Steam:

On the opinion of their customers in depth, the developers of DaVinci have concentrated on concentrating premium materials and precision technology to ensure that the IQ is one of the most accurate temperature regulation systems in the Industry.

With a 100% ceramic zirconium duct, you only get the purest steam through the mouthpiece of the DaVinci IQ. The zirconium air duct passes from the heating chamber through the aroma Chamber, an extension through which the steam can be cooled before inhalation.

As the founder of DaVinci, Cort Smith, has already pointed out: "People do not want their evaporation experience to be contaminated by metal or plastic tastes; They want to taste what they hoping in a device and nothing else. "

Vibration function:

The IQ works with vibration signals, which replace the staring on an LED lamp or a screen, if you want to know when the device is ready for operation!

Smart path technology, evaporation temperatures & Boost mode:

The IQ is equipped with the unique, so-called "smart path" technology. This allows to select four different temperature settings and the device automatically sets the best temperature for the current Vape session. Other functions are the precision and the boost mode. The boost mode is a great alternative for experienced vaporizer enthusiasts, where by pressing a button the temperature inside the heating chamber is heated to a maximum of 220 °c (430 °f) and so you can get everything out of its herb.

Bluetooth smartphone app:

To make the evaporation experience even more individual, the DaVinci IQ can be connected to an Apple or Android smartphone and controlled by a separate app. This allows you to change the temperature settings of the heating functions as well as follow the application or dim the LED lights.

The use of the app is optional, the temperature setting can also be accessed directly from the device itself.

Scope of Delivery:

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

1x 3500mAh Rechargeable 18650 Battery

1x micro-USB cable

1x Aroma Chamber

1x 10 mm Water Adaptor

2x DaVinci Tool

1x DaVinci Key Chain

Cleaning kit



Portable/Desktop: Portable

Compatibility: Herbal

Steam Dispensing: hose-pull

warm-up time: 0-1 min.

Adjustable temperature: Yes

temperature range: 120 °c-221 °c

replaceable battery: yes

battery power: 3500 mah

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