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Terms and Conditions*

1. Validity of the GTC and conclusion of the contract

These general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to purchase agreements with private customers and companies, which are concluded via the website of the supplier.

The order is confirmed by the supplier. The contract is concluded as soon as the confirmation arrives at the buyer. If the confirmation is not made within a reasonable period of time, the buyer considers this to be a rejection of the order and is entitled to conclude the contract with another supplier.

2. Prices and special offers

The prices are given in CHF, the processing is included. Shipping costs are extra charged. We are acc. Art. 10 para. 2 lit. A VAT act is not yet subject to VAT.

The provider reserves the right to change prices at any time. The prices published on the order date on the website apply to the customers.

3. Terms of delivery

Delivery is normally made within 2 business days. If a longer delivery period is necessary, the customer will be informed at the latest after this time. If no information is given, the customer is entitled to waive the delivery.

4. Liability and guarantee

4.1 The supplier guarantees that the goods have the assured characteristics for a period of 24 months, that they have no defects that impair their value or suitability for the intended use, as well as the prescribed services and specifications.

4.2 The buyer has to examine the delivered goods as soon as possible and to report any defects immediately. You can find the relevant customer service under the imprint at www.mrhemp.ch. Secret deficiencies can still be complained after commissioning or use of the goods. The performance of payments shall not be regarded as a waiver of notification of defects.

4.3 In the event of a defect, the purchaser has the option of requesting remedy free of charge, to make a deduction from the price corresponding to the inadequate value, to withdraw from the contract or to obtain replacement delivery. The right of the buyer to demand compensation is reserved in all cases.

4.4 We offer goods under the age of 18 can not be sold. If the customer orders such items it will be before the completion of the order
To confirm that he is at least 18 years of age. If he confirms this, we assume that this corresponds to the truth.

5. Payment

5.1 The payment is possible at the request of the customer in the following ways:

By advance payment. You will receive a confirmation with our account details after the order has been completed. Once we receive your payment, we will ship the item within 24 hours (working days).

Payment via Paypal. Once the order has been completed, you can choose payment type Paypal, you will be sent directly to Paypal's website and you can pay immediately by credit card / Paypal credit. The shipment takes place within 24 hours (working days).

6. Liability for online connections

6.1 The provider undertakes to ensure safety according to current technical standards in systems, programs, etc., which are owned by him and to which he has influence, as well as to observe the rules of data protection.

6.2 Customers shall ensure the security of systems, programs and data within their sphere of influence. Customers should keep passwords and user names confidential to third parties in their own interests.

6.3 The Supplier shall not be liable for defects and faults which are not the fault of the Supplier, in particular for safety deficiencies and business failures of third parties with whom he cooperates or is dependent.

6.4 Furthermore, the supplier is not liable for force majeure, improper procedure and disregard of the risks on the part of the customer or third parties, excessive use, unsuitable operating resources of the customer or third parties, extreme environmental influences, interventions by the customer or disturbances by third parties (viruses, worms etc.) Which happen despite the necessary current safety precautions.

7. Application and jurisdiction

Swiss law, including the regulations of the Swiss Code of Obligations, applies to these terms and conditions.

7.2 In the case of actions by a customer, the court is competent at the domicile or registered office of one of the parties. The court of the defendant's domicile is responsible for complaints by the supplier.

*These terms and conditions are translated by Google Analytics. There may be translation errors. Please note that the legal terms and conditions apply in the German language.

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